Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The giving house

We've officially been in the house for two years as of the end of March. We haven't been doing much work on the house lately (work that pays the bills is in high gear this month!), but wanted to take a moment to thank the house for, well, being such a great house.

Not only did the house come with virtually all of its original hardware, wood trim, doors, windows, and various other cool features, but it came with a basement and garage chock full of stuff. Some stuff was scary, gross, creepy, or just plain dirty. Some stuff, however, has been invaluable (and not just the yucky Barbie that got us $60 on ebay!)

Rather, we're talking about the extra house parts and aged lumber that were ready and waiting for our various projects so far. We found in the garage a spare interior door (perfect condition), most of a never-used window casing and windowsill, loads of random table leaves, and the mother lode, a dazzling array of old wood that matches the patina of all the old wood currently in the house.

So recently, on a short break from work, I decided to plunge into the garage wood pile to find a couple of things for the ongoing bathroom project: we want to replace the 50s style chrome sink legs with wood, square posts, and we need a threshold to join the bathroom nook to the main part of the room. I thought I had seen a threshold somewhere in there, but both Ken and I thought it was a small one, and hopes weren't real high.

Well, the house came through again - not only did I realize that the sink legs were in the pile, but the threshold was exactly (I mean exactly) the right length, even with a big chunk sawed out partway down. Yes, it needs paint stripped off, but what else is new? Thanks house!

We're still plugging away at the plaster fixes, mudding and taping, and just got some underlayment for the floor; work should settle down soon so we can wrap the bathroom up!

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