Friday, August 24, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink

We are almost done installing the countertops, cabinets, and kitchen sink, and we're not posting those pix until we're really done. However, we're definitely a few blogs behind - it's been an extremely busy (and productive) couple of weeks. We've tried to be on vacation and working on the kitchen with laser focus, but of course, have had some diversions. Anyways, before we share those final pictures (by the end of the weekend, dammit!) we realized we haven't told you about all the various kitchen parts we've been collecting over the past year and a half or so, so here goes.

First, you've already seen the cabinets (, but we thought we'd share them in 'diamond-in-the-rough' form - the photo we got from the folks who sold them to us for a mere $100 (thank you!!!) Not the prettiest things, and hardware - blech - from circa 1981, but they had the charm we wanted and the right sizes. You've already seen our 2 antique cabinets in the previous blog, they make the kitchen pop so these basic versions (repainted & with new hardware) can just look plain and functional.

Second, our kitchen island/tall table, which we love, love, love. Read all about the $2 island here (

Third, lighting. This part is in progress and slated for a later completion date (code: got no time now, we'll do it later). However, we bought the lights and got total steals on good ol' ebay. There are 2 transitional mission pendants with square loops (all brass) that looked like clown lights on ebay. Luckily I saw those square loops and we got 'em for like $20 (yes, for the pair!) Then the hunt for shades and fitters - I ended up with some goofy lots of lighting parts (a few bucks here & there) until I got a pair of lovely Hubbell fitters and in the meantime, we found the main fixture for the room - a hanging, dual pendant dealie with square loops and acorn pull chains (this is a very desirable thing, by the way). Oh my god, and check out this site if you ever need to know the history of light sockets( It was missing a canopy, and we got one from Rejuvenation, it's about all we could afford from them! Then we miraculously found 4 glass shades in the style we wanted (transitional, slightly curvy square shades, sorry no pic yet) and even though they were yet another ebay find, it turned out the guy selling them was about 3 miles away, so we drove over & got them all for under $20. So lighting: check! Under $150 for the whole setup. Which is actually expensive for us.

What else...switchplates, found a crazy sale at Lee Valley, and some were only like $3 each, then we needed just a couple at full price. They're great and perfect style.

Finally, yesterday's fab find - a lovely seafoam-blue-green vase (on the left) and my favorite antique store, while shopping with mom, here on a visit. It has cattail handles and the mark looks kind of like r-r (one r is backwards), and then c 5. Anyone know who this is? It's a very Roseville-esque glaze.

Let's see - that's it for now - we have the neighbor's oak doors which will be pantry doors, but not ready for primetime yet. Cost: zero dollars. Satisfaction of saving SOLID OAK DOORS: priceless.

See you on Sunday with the final countertop installation...

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