Wednesday, February 6, 2008


In a Google search for photos of "Bungalow Gardens", this little gem came up.

That's right folks, a vacation rental in the lovely Phuket region of Thailand. I'm ready to Phuket, how about you? I was going to strip some paint tonight, but Phuket. We have to measure our house for my landscaping class this weekend, but heck. Phuket. We are SO going there asap. Phuket!

Here's more info about Phuket, courtesy of Wikipedia:
Phuket (Thai: ภูเก็ต, IPA: [pʰu:ket]; formerly known as Tha-Laang or Talang) is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island there are no land boundaries. The island is served by Phuket International Airport, located in the north of the island.

What better place to Phuket all than an island. And there's an airport too, so you can Phucket and fly away.

And anyways, what the hell looks like a Bungalow Garden on this picture? Oh, I get it, it's a real bungalow (that the Arts & Crafts ones are named after), and it has a lovely garden where you can Phuket with a Mai Tai or whatever. Yum.

Oh, and it has a masseuse too, at a bargain price:
Garden Cottage has own traditional Thai Massage 8 Euro/hour.

We're definitely going to Phuket now.


Todd Fratzel said...

Oh man! You just made me fall out of my chair laughing this morning! Thanks for that comic relief!

Sandy said...

ROTFLMAO! That is my new favorite place/word!

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