Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RIP, you've served us well

What is there to say? The heat gun gave out in the midst of stripping the last 5 boards in the hall. Among his great triumphs were the living room, dining room (including built-in), kitchen, two bathrooms, and most of the hallway. He even went on a trip to try some trip in a 1700s house. He didn't talk about it much, so I guess what happens in the colonial stays in the colonial. I guess thinking about all that work on the second story proved too much for him. In the words of Ned Flanders, 'God speed, little doodle'. We'll always remember your contributions, worth so much more than the $25 we paid for you.

And we have a Lowe's in town now, so we used the opportunity to make a run there and buy a new heat gun (so shiny and clean!). It's exactly 6 minutes from the house (~5 miles) and there's only 1 traffic light, so it beats HD in the convenience department. It's a bit too new and clean for me though - I like a dirty old hardware store best. Plywood floor preferable, teeny drawers full of hardware a must. Thus we usually shop the locals, unless they don't have something (like heat guns).


Jennifer said...

I didn't think something like that COULD die. :) It lived a good life.

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