Friday, May 16, 2008

It's here, it's here!

The wheelbarrow came! Actually, the one we ordered was on backorder and since the truck with all the dirt showed up...

waiting was getting to be a little sketchy - so we just swapped for one they had in stock. It's gigantic, and will sure haul a lot of landscaping stuff. Ed got to try the maiden voyage, then me. Ken dumped me out of it too, and it worked great. Hint: don't sit indian-style when someone is dumping you out of a wheelbarrow. You're guaranteed to land in a very ungraceful way.

So, the landscaping has officially begun - we got almost all of our soil amendments, soil, and many plants - and we're ready to boogie. And so is the MOST AWESOME HUGEST WHEELBARROW EVER.

Thanks for the early birthday present, way cool bro & BT! You guys are da bomb!


Sandy said...

Nice! Loved the Ed approval picture!

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