Friday, October 31, 2008

What we'd do with $100...

Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement, a blog with a lot of tips and answers, is giving away $100 Home Depot gift card. We can enter the contest more times if we make a post about the contest and tell the world what we'd do with the cash.

So here goes: Paint, paint, paint! We are pretty well done with our big giant building/infrastructure type projects. We've decided that our next 3 projects are the three bedrooms upstairs: the Animal room, The Bamboo room, and the Fruit Room (our room, there's no fruit wallpaper but there must once have been because 'Fruit Room' is written on the backs of all the drawers in the built in, in old fashioned handwriting). We're optimistically thinking of getting all three revamped over the winter, except for stripping the window sashes (too cold!).

Despite the fact that we do like the vintage bamboo paper and that the animals have a cult following, we really need to do a different wall treatment - the papers are torn, stained, and not everyone digs the tacky kitsch. Plus, we tore the hell out of some things when we re-wired everything. So we'll do some muted blue green, brassy-light green, and probably an off white - all with creamy trim. The $100 would pretty much cover all the paint for all 3 rooms, plus some paintbrushes - though I've managed to not destroy one nice cut-in brush over the past couple years.

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