Monday, January 26, 2009

Busting my butt

Literally. I totally took a digger in the driveway on Saturday as I went to start the car so we could go help a friend with an ice dam crisis -- let no good deed go unpunished, right? I think I broke my tailbone - or at least bruised it - but I landed perfectly square right on the old tush so nothing truly bad happened. Although it was the hardest fall I've had (those on skis excluded) in quite a lot of years. Eddy went ballsitic and barked and pushed his way outside to rescue me (I guess I screamed), and Ken came running out in the snow in his socks. Ah, good guys we've got at the Bungalow. It provided loads of comic relief the rest of the weekend, as I made awful noises everytime I bent over or squatted down. And of course, all the wonderful jokes and puns having to do with an ass injury. With PBSs "Make 'em Laugh" episode on physical comedy fresh in our heads, we had just so much material to work with.

Add that to the cold that Ken gave me - and he still has - and we didn't get much of anything done this weekend. But, we did work on one thing: due to an overabundance of mittens and hats strewn about the mudroom, the hall-tree-mirror type project got moved up the list. Last week, I was home in the middle of the day at one point, and managed to squeeze in a trip to the glass shop to get mirror glass cut. The old timer who runs the shop is so cool, we chatted about how the cold bothers our knees and he laughed when I commiserated with his "I'm getting old" comment.

Saturday - post ass-bruising - Ken set up the saw and took a tiny bit off the sides of both of these windows to square them up. We found them on ebay for a couple bucks each, from a California bungalow, and without glass the shipping was really not much.

They've been sitting around the house for a couple of years, moving from room to room, waiting to be turned into mirrors. They're so weather beaten I didn't have to strip them, so a light sanding and some stain/topcoat and they're ready to get some glass installed maybe tonight, if I can stay on my feet. We'll see what happens...


modernemama said...

Renovation is a dangerous business. From personal experience I recommend an inflatable child's swim ring to sit on for a while!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you've had projects sitting undone for two years - it makes me feel better about the lace curtains in our living room that have been up (and hated) for six months.