Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want this vacuum!

In our city, they come by and vacuum up the leaves in the fall & spring. Such service! Actually, it happens quite a lot in this neighborhood; when we lived in the ghetto section of town, I don't remember it at all. Hmmm. Maybe it was just that no one bothered to pile up their leaves.

At any rate, we got a bunch of leaves down to the curb in time for one of their passes, and I snapped a photo of the most awesome vacuum ever. Yes, that hose is big enough to engulf that guy. Can you imagine the dust bunnies you could suck up with this thing?

If the weekend's not a total washout, we hope to get the rest of the leaves to the curb for the next pass. This year they're paying special attention to the leaf removal because trees in our area had leaf Tar Spot, a fungus that was widespread because of our wet summer. Apparently if we compost the leaves or keep them around, it's more likely we'll get it again next year. So, removal it is this time.


Aimee said...

That's really cool! I wish that our city did that. Right now though, all of our leaves are covered in snow. :)

gretchen said...

In the past, they take the leaves out to the city's compost yard (Just outside of the north entrance at HU, actually) and I wonder if they will this year with the tar spot issue. That's where the christmas trees go, too.

Jayne said...

I wish my city did that! I have no trees in my yard, but the leaves from everyone else's trees are about 6 inches deep.

BlackDog's Photographer said...

That's neat. Being out in the country we don't have anything like this. It would be nice.

Anonymous said...

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Leslie @ NE Portland Bungalow said...

Here in Portland (Oregon) they sweep up the leaves (very rarely) with this plow-like blade with broom-like bristles on the bottom. I was watching the machine work and realized that it wasn't actually pushing many leaves because it was raised a few inches off the pavement... bummer.

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