Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nailed it.

We started re-building today. We're starting in the back, on the bathroom. We are adding a wall that makes the bathroom large enough that the door doesn't hit the toilet! Yay! And, the washer & dryer will be in a laundry nook in the bathroom.

Plus, half of this wall was framed in the usual way, whereas the other half was shallow, with the 2x4s laid flat - so we had to add framing to bring it out to the same depth. Luckily we used some salvaged lumber, so it didn't feel like a total waste of materials.

The wall also has a little L part outside the bathroom that will encompass a lolly column - nothing says "cellar" more than random metal poles dotted all about. So, we're hiding them all.

Framing went really well - and we're looking forward to more next weekend.

As a bonus, Ken also pulled off the metal frame for the shower base. We need to figure out what we need to do to make the pan a little more permanent, but that metal had to go.


Todd @ Home Construction & Improvement said...

How are you going to insulated the walls? Seeing you live in ME I'd really really really recommend insulating the walls with foam board prior to installing the framing.

I've got several articles on how to do it and why it should be done in that fashion.

Do a bit of research before you get too far :)

sarah said...

Todd - we have TOTALLY been studying your site and the references you cite. We are going to do what you suggest - rigid foam then FG to fill the rest of the cavity. The exterior walls are already framed and we don't have the $ or need to pull it out and then re-do the exact same framing, but we will push the foam through to the far (cement) side - so we can achieve what you're suggesting. I actually got a truckload of it at the ReStore so we can afford it.

Stay tuned - we may pick your brain about it a bit!