Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good news...and bad measuring

Good news: we got the fixed glass panel in for the shower. Phew! We picked up a set of 2 Kohler doors at the ReStore for $35, and one of them became this fixed panel. The other one is extra - in case we broke the first, we had a backup! And now we can sell the other one, having not broken the first. (Anyone want to buy a piece of tempered glass?) The wood is our favorite, hinoki (Port Orford Cedar), the stuff we used in the upstairs bath. It's waterproof (the stuff they make Japanese soaking tubs from) and makes it so you can pretty much use any old piece of glass for a shower wall or door.

A shower curtain will close off the front.

Other good news - I got 2 doors installed - one that closes off the back storage room from the bedroom,

and one that closes off the bedroom from the future living room. Need to finish painting that one (thus, the blue tape).
The not so good news - the damn toilet doesn't fit! We are off to get an offset flange tomorrow and we'll see how that goes. Irritating - but we spaced on measuring. Not that we could help it - the flange is in the concrete and we're not moving it!

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