Thursday, March 22, 2012

Decidedly NOT helping

I took a few minutes on this un-seasonably warm day to sweep off the deck & patio. Actually, un-seasonably strikes me as far too gentle a word - maybe something like anti-seasonably? At any rate, it was hot and sunny and July-ish for Maine. I was sweeping for a couple of minutes on the other side of the deck from Frankie, and I turned around to see this little excavation:

 I guess he was pointing out that we still need a half dozen bricks in that corner.

Some 'helpers' apparently need more direction than I am used to giving. On the other hand, perhaps he can be enticed to till the garden for us...


Jan Marie said...

We had a beagle who could dig holes like nobody's business.

It's too hot. How can you do spring clean up when it's 80?

We went from winter coats to tank tops.

Vinnie said...

I agree it's "anti-seasonable" out there! Wow - nice though.

Awe, the joy of dog ownership. Ain't it grand?