Thursday, December 6, 2007

We got boobs!

I bet we get a lot of hits off that title! It's really quite inocuous (mom!).

Ken's parents found a very interesting vintage salt & pepper shaker when they got their lakeside camp - it is in the shape of a woman lying down, and the salt is one of her (ahem) breasts, while the pepper is the other. Well, needless to say, the set (literally and figuratively) has become one of the family prized possessions, and much coveted by all. I mean, how campy can you get?

So imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the very same set in an antique store here in town for a meager $10? Of course it had to come home with me. I'm not certain what the man minding the shop thought of me (these? he asked, pointing at the cute house-shaped ones right next to Miss February), but I didn't care. Ken absolutely flipped out and made me immediately agree that they are to be prominently displayed in the kitschen - I mean, kitchen. Well, duh. They're vintage after all. And yellow is one of our kitchen accent colors. No brainah.

Anyone know the history of these? I'm sure they have a cult following, and we'd love to hear more.


Jennifer said...

Awesome! Those would be perfect for my extended family's 1950's Airstream camper! I'm going to have to search them out for a Christmas present.

Heather said...

i have a set similar to yours, but ours isn't wearing a bathing suit. and her hair is different.

it's been in my husband's family for generations. the story goes thus:

Great-Grandfather went on a fishing trip. he comes home with these. Great-Grandmother is scandalized. they never see the light of day.

Great-Grandfather passes them to son (Grandfather). Grandmother acts similarly to Great-Grandmother.

Grandfather passes them to son (Father). Mother is scandalized as well.

my husband is in his parent's kitchen one night about a year ago, and being tall, has his hand on the top of the fridge. he starts searching around up there, and uncovers these.

they come home with us, proudly displayed on our stove. :)

i'd love to know more about them, as well.

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