Wednesday, December 19, 2007

We're calling it: Kitchen DONE!

Okay, so the kitchen is not quite, quite done, but we decided to call it after the tile backsplash went in. Crummy little teeny tiles - why do I insist on torturing myself with difficult, ridiculous 'touches'? Every other remaining task is about an hour or less, the list could be written on a post-it, and nobody who comes over thinks it's not done. Those seem to be the conditions for done-ness. Ken will be grouting the backsplash in the next few days, and the door for over the stove is just waitin' for the last coat of finish to dry.

So, I don't remember if we posted this, but when we started the kitchen, we wanted something food-y to mark when we started and when we finished. We took 2 identical boxes of cornbread mix & ate one when we started, then wrote on the other box "FINISHED __________". We filled in the date the other day, and ate the bread! (We also needed a quick dinner after a long day shoveling, etc - Dinty Moore & Jiffy cornbread - it's America's Favorite - yum. What is more Maine Winter Post-Shoveling than that?)

Favorite part of the kitchen: I think it's a tie between the CLEAN, FLAT floor and the open shelves. Eddy's favorite part is the empty peanut butter jar.

So, Happy Holidays, and now that we have a teeny speck of time off, we might just get some real work done soon!


Dawn said...

OMG I love your accent tiles! Please share where you got them! :)

Sandy said...

I really like subway tile, and I just love those green tiles!