Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Girl Power

The past weekend was the annual getaway for me & my two BFFs. It was a fabulous weekend at the spa, spending more money than we should but all agreeing that it's totally worth it. As we drove off, all in our not-totally-hooptie cars and many years since high school, I realized that, for all practical purposes, we're kicking ass. Each one of us has a reasonably successful career (with its ups and downs, but no one's working in the chicken eviscerating plant like the guy I saw on Judge Alex the other day), we are roughly where we want to be, and we know to take time to smell the roses - or smell the aromatherapy oil (pine & mint for me - of course there was a lumber product involved).
So Monday, when I had an unexpected work cancellation due to weather and couldn't really go back in till Tuesday (computer's in the shop), I took the day off and had a girl power day in honor of my friends. So, I decided to tear the floor out of the mudroom. What better activity after a massage and pedicure, right? Within an hour, it went from this hideous, gross, filthy rug-over floor-over other floor:

To this, beautiful subfloor ready for underlayment (only 1 broken bit to fix, it's in great shape):

The icing on the cake: just as the trash truck pulled up, I had the rug out to the can and a bag of the old underlayment paper tied up just in time to jog down the driveway and hand it to the garbage collector. Only 1 small pile of floorboards left - I'll take those to the proper landfill and see if they speak to me like English is my second language. After all, girls can't find their way around the dump, can they? Take this pink ribbon off my eyes... (thanks Gwen Stefani for the women's anthem). Remeber C&K, we can do anything - especially with our fresh pedis!


Jennifer said...

Clean slate!

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