Sunday, April 6, 2008

What the diddly?

Anyone else love Flanders? Although Millhouse will always be my fave. There was a 'what the diddly' moment in the mudroom. I decided to go at it with all the destructo tools - paint stripping, floor ripping, wall scraping, wall tearing out!

The footprint of the room was definitely changed at one point. Back 'porches' like this probably was were often rooms where the icebox was - and there are a couple of varous holes in the floor and water stains on the subfloor, so it makes sense that maybe it used to be the fridge room/pantry. When they moved the kitchen wall (stealing a couple of feet from the now mudroom), some things obviously changed, and there's a mishmash of stuff making up the room, that we now have to bring into harmony. Plus we messed up the floorplan when we added the bathroom.

Most of the trim is there (except our new walls), but one piece was plywood. There are 2 oddball pieces of drywall making up the wall, with an old piece of metal plaster-corner-stuff in the middle of a wall. Probably used to be a closet or something? And the walls are covered with goopy old gloppy crap that used to hold some heinous old vinyl (bright yellow) tiley-stuff to the walls. Probably evil and toxic. So we'll do our skimcoat magic over that. Blech.

And some of the trim is obviously co-opted from other house parts - like this weird plinth that has one side that's never been stained. Hmm, interesting.

But...We're almost down to clean, all the wood that's fit to keep is stripped (part 1, it still needs to be scrubbed totally clean), and the floor is gone, and we had enough scrap drywall to replace the nasty junk.

Well, I'll be darn-diddly-arned. We're getting somewhere.


Jennifer said...

That drywall conglomeration looks like what's under the fake wood paneling in OUR back room!

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