Sunday, November 16, 2008

The 80s called; they want their color scheme back

Remember how we all were wearing pink and green in the 80s? Or variations - like neon green & hot pink (I had an OP jacket in this color scheme - some of you probably remember)? Or fuschia & teal - is there a more 80s color combo than that? Well, our house was way ahead of its time, it seems.

We started the guest room today - having just gotten back from sitting in a car or in meetings for 5 days, my hands were ready to get dirty! And Ken was ready to get going too. So we cleaned out the guest room, took down all the hooks, nails, extraneous racks, and the horrible valance we've been rolling our eyes at for 3 years.


And then, we tore into the wallpaper. Now, we've suspected all along that there was something different about the configuration of the guest room & animal room (as compared to the original floor plan). Well, the closet or a portion of the guest room probably were part of the animal room at one point. Do we have clues why? Well, we're guessing - or maybe just hoping - that someone wouldn't have painted one wall this color:

And the other walls and trim this color (yes, both walls AND trim were pepto pink):

But maybe they were ahead of their time. Anyways, project launched. And we're not changing the floor plan - the house works as it is and no need to make more work for ourselves, right when things are really cruising along. This room should be pretty straighforward: de-crap everything (in progress), fix some plaster, prep trim, and paint. Then details - like stripping window sashes. Minor details, right?


Karen Anne said...

Woaw, you have a slanted ceiling. I am envious.

Anonymous said...

Is that a flush built-in dresser? What a great way to use the dead space under the eaves. Color me jealous.

sarah said...

Yes, Jason - and you should see how big the drawers are. They are about 3 feet square, and a foot deep each. There's one in the master bedroom too (mine! I called it, Ken is stuck with the regular dressers), and I have clothes in the back that I probably haven't seen in a couple of years. Interestingly, they used what was probably 'scrap' wood to build the drawers - old T&G beadboard that we think was in the kitchen & bath. Stuff so nice you couldn't buy it anymore if you tried - and it was probably off their "extra junk" pile. We'll be stripping the drawer fronts & hardware to call more attention to the built ins, since you're right - they deserve it.

Karen Anne said...

I gotta say, though, that green next to pepto-pink, I am feeling a little sick :-)

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