Saturday, November 8, 2008

See that?

See it? See it? No? Good!

One of the teeny tiny miniscule punch list jobs we've been able to manage this weekend is to fix a couple of small surface cracks we found in the living room wall. We found them when we simplified the whole entertainment-TV area by getting rid of the old monster and upgrading to a small flat panel. The we could get rid of the furniture, and went to CD books, and really scaled down. That's when we saw a couple of hairline cracks in the paint. Great, something else to add to The List.

Then, we bought the partly shabby-chiced bookshelf mentioned two posts ago. It's not quite done - I'm still whittling away (literally) at the pegs. So here's a photo of that, for folks who wanted to see it:

Way better than 2 furniture units full of stuff we didn't need, taking up too much space. So today, we filled and painted the cracks that we saw when the furniture went when we got the TV - I don't know why...she swallowed a fly. You get the gist. It looks like the old paint still matches thankfully we've labeled the paint cans in big permanent marker so we can always remember what belong with which room.

Maybe tomorrow we can do a big job like, say, replacing the one screw that is falling out of the dining room door hinge at the bottom. We'll have to see if we can muster the strength.

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Karen Anne said...

Thanks for the photo :-)

Hey, today I finally attached (two screws!) a battery storage thing to a wall in the closet, tested all my batteries on its tester gizmo, tucked them in place, and crossed that off my list. Plus now no batteries filling up my junk drawer. Small areas of my house are -so- organized, the rest, chaos.