Friday, June 26, 2009

You put your backside in...

..and you shake it all about. Here's the only picture that didn't have my horribly white, non-tan legs in it as I sat enjoying my end-of-day beverage (thanks Ken, today's photographer of legs-that-haven't-seen-the-sun-at-all).

The shake master did the back side (which faces the street, so it's sort of a front side too) of the shake today. I love it!

I finished painting the nail holes in the trim and pulled about three metric tons of weeds from the gardens in between running back & forth to help with shake-o-rama. Once it stopped raining so we could see what was going on out there, we realized we'd better get the gardens tidied up or we'd look pretty foolish if we have this awesome garden shed and the gardens are all a wreck!

This weekend we'll hopefully shake some more (you put your left side in...) and I will hopefully cut and paint the fascia boards, plus get some spar varnish on the door (painfully slow door progress, that).


Adelaide said...

Love your blog!

What kind of door will the garden shed have?

QD said...

Looks great!

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