Monday, June 1, 2009

Do fence me in

With the assistance of aforementioned Nick, who was happy to help finish the fence with us (or was a good faker), we finished the fence portion of the fence-pergola-shed complex in the side yard.
It's awesome. Let us count the ways:
  1. No more gawkers judging our choice of cheapo 'working outside today' beer.

  2. We're more confident about wearing our holey, ill-fitting, completely out-of-style work wear (fortunately, nothing with shoulder pads, acid washing, or fringe, but close) and not being seen by the style police.

  3. Bending over in the garden is now A-OK, and no one will wonder if it's a horrible plywood cutout or the real thing.

  4. Only those who make it past the fence will realize the rest of the lawn is nothing but weeds! The front yard's reasonable looking grass is the perfect camoflage. And finally...

  5. We can now peep at THEM through the fence slats, virtually unnoticed.
Oh, how the tables have turned.

Next up: the garden shed. Still finalizing plans and translating Ken's verbal description into my visual one (and vice versa). Maybe next weekend...


Iris said...

Bee-YEW-tee-full! Your list of benefits really cracked me up--so true.

Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

Very nice!!! Want to come build one at my house? :)

Jennifer said...

VERY nice! I love it.

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