Sunday, May 31, 2009


Corkscrew. In Italian. To answer a question from a party last night. I was half-right - I thought that 'open' must factor into the definition of that pasta type, but I was wrong about that part. It simply means 'corkscrew'. Duh. What the hell would an 'open corkscrew' be anyways? My Latin has really gone downhill since high school.

Further, the Italian translator notes that it is a noun, and "Masculine", "Invariable". Really fitting for this weekend, oddly enough.

Old (yes, we're officially getting old), dear friend Nick visited on his latest adventure route that ranges far enough north to bring him to the Bungalow. And, old, dear friend Dave sent along bagels from Nick's stop in the greater NY area - a reminder of the days when we all had NY bagels at our fingertips anytime, everywhere. [Little wistful smile]. And as always, time spent with old, dear friends seems like picking up right where you left off, despite the wide-ranging paths we've all taken.

"Masculine, invariable" - you guys rock! Grazie mille!

Sadly, it's dark & rainy already or I'd include a photo of the fence - completed! - which Nick helped us finish this morning. Tomorrow the weather will be fine...perfect for his first solo day in the great state of Maine.

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StefanoC72 said...

Just in case you were wondering, the invariable thing means the noun doesn't change when going from singular to plural :)