Monday, May 4, 2009

Paper Ceilings

Ken got this email from a co-worker. It helps explain why we had (past tense!!!) all the paper ceilings in the house:

Are you, by chance, one of the people renovating the Bangor Bungalow?

If so, if you didn’t know, here’s the scoop on paper ceilings: when Dow AFB [Air Force Base] was active, the vibration from the flight activity cracked plaster ceilings and chimneys. I live on [nearby street name deleted] where most of the houses were built in the 50s, and you’ll see that most houses over there have central, and fairly squat, chimneys. And we ALL have paper ceilings. Now that the AFB is an ANG [Air National Guard] base, and BGR has just a handful of commercial flights a day, it’s probably not as big an issue.

BGR is our local international airport, perhaps most famous now as being the one where they take unruly passengers just before crossing the pond - we're the easternmost airport with a really big runway, so if you misbehave like these folks, or these, or these, you'll end up down the street in our jail.


Karen Anne said...

Paper ceilings? I'm a relative newbie to your blog. I googled, does this mean wallpaper on the ceiling?

sarah said...

Karen Anne - no, it means those paper squares they staple to strapping. Acoustic tile, maybe is what they call it?