Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vote for Pedro!

We entered the Rejuvenation Make Your Home Your Own contest. The prize? $1000 gift certificate. Oooh, Harmon Mailbox, could we be so decadent? Or we could get cabinet hardware forever with that kind of cash. Not to mention the lighting...yummy.

Anyways, all the entries are great - but we encourage you, our readers, to go vote for the underdog. You know, the people with no budget, no contractors, no professional, staged photographs (I mean, who has time for that? Note that there's crumpled up packing material in our dining room photo - oops!), and the little, neglected house-that-could.

If you want, we'll even do the Napoleon-Jamiroquai dance (we're not posting video, you'll just have to use your imagination). Or, we can make you little gimp keychains. No, just kidding, none of that. Just vote! Here's the link to our entry:


Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

You got my vote!

Karen Anne said...

Some of those are amazing. Some, not so much - modern stuff with some Rejuvenation fixtures whacked on, sometimes trashing old houses to do it.

But I am so impressed and admiring of the work the amazing ones did.

I had to vote for Regina in Ashland, they managed to replicate almost exactly the room divider classical columns from the house i grew up in in the 1940s.

I wish rejuvenation had a way to sort the display by votes, so we could easily see who is ahead.

Alexis said...

Of course I'm voting for you! Not only is this my favorite blog, but also I know how lovely the house looks in person.

We're looking for a long weekend to spend in Bangor with C&E this summer. Hope to see you.

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