Sunday, January 24, 2010

Giving the people what they want

Last weekend my brother and his partner were up visiting. Brave souls, coming to Maine in winter. And they were punished for it - with a snowstorm on their way home. We had a great time nonetheless - us girls drank plenty of wine and the company was great!

You know how when people come over you suddenly realize all the inadequacies of all your home furnishings? Well, I noticed (and noted, aloud) that the old footstool was really needing some work.

I wondered (again, aloud) whether I should re-cane it or re-upholster. "It needs some cushion", my bro noted. So, re-upholsery it is. Sorry about the tender calves, Dave!

Today we took it mostly apart, gingerly pulled out the no-longer needed cane supports, and began the re-assembly. The problem was, Henry was extremely put out all day about it - you see, this is HIS fireside stool most of the time. And he was not happy about its disassembly. He kept checking on it and sitting on all the various parts as we worked. Oh, Henry.

We got it glued back up and added a plywood top, then I upholstered it with a bunch of remnant stuffings and battings from other chair projects. Sweet! I didn't have the right finish fabric, so here it's just a burlap liner fabric until I get to the fabric store.

Good enough for Henry for now, though. The world is right again!

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