Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is there an FA?

Furniture Anonymous. I need it.

I'm apparently on my mid-winter furniture bender. I go months without doing any ebay or craigslist searches for "mission oak", and manage to stick to "just looking" at the antique stores, and then - bam! - I'm off the wagon. I just can't help it - maybe it's the whole cabin fever thing, looking at the same old stuff all the time. What is my epitaph going to say, "Here lies Sarah, who had way too many chairs"? Eek.

I think it started, this year, when we decided to move some things around to freshen up the living room. Then Ken thought we needed a side table (we lost one in the move). Enter this $16 beauty - solid oak. It needs refinishing - I can put that off till summer. We plan to get a round tile to fill in where an ashtray probably originally was.

Then I had to reupholster the footstool (last post). Here it is, with the right fabric on it, finally.

The rocking chair is next - we've had it for a long time, but I'm finally getting off my butt and writing in to American Bungalow's "Perspective on Antiques" column - which I've been meaning to do since 2006, when I saw a very similar chair in their pages. Procrastinator!

And now tonight - after an all-day meeting, I had to decompress with some shopping, so I went to one of my favorite shops and found this (mostly) solid oak mini-desk (I'm not entirely convinced that the top is solid, but the legs certainly are):

It folds, somehow, but the back stretcher is a bit confusing to me. How do I fold the legs when the stretcher connects them? Weird. A question for later, when I certainly end up stripping the paint off. Ahh - paint stripping - now that's a summer obsession.

Anyways, the more I look at this table, the more I like it - which is always a good sign. And, of course, it was not expensive - so I can justify my addiction, right? You agree with me, right?


頭髮 said...


Alexis said...

Is that a pipe stand in the first photo? Bravo on the finds (I too have a chair addiction, in addition to lamps, so I commiserate).

I've just found this blog and thought it might have some info you could use too.

See you soon (I hope). We often drive up to see C&E in Bangor in Feb but I think it will be April this year.

Alexis said...

Wooops, and I forgot to add the link:

Karen Anne said...

Maybe the stretcher was added later for stability?

Karen Anne said...

Scratch my idea, since I biggified the photo and can see it better (plus the lovely kitty whom I overlooked before.)

I'm betting those metal connecting rods come off at one or both ends (and are so painted that that isn't visible now).

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