Monday, February 8, 2010


Work has been crazy lately. Nevertheless, we stole an hour last week to install two new old finds: mismatched (but coordinated) push plates for the swinging door between the kitchen and dining room.

Of course, we had to go ebay on this - new push plates (or old matched sets) are expensive for us right now (we're in a cheap phase, as usual).

First, I found this small, plain one - great style and it fits perfectly. The push plates that were on the door when we moved in (and until last week) were too wide, so they stuck out over the moulding and you could reach in behind. Silly.

Then Ken thought we should see if we could find one that said "PUSH" - there were some cool ones we had seen and we got fixated on those. So, we searched, and success! I found an old used one, same style as the first one but a tad bigger. But, since no one will be looking at both sides of the door at the same time, they're perfectly fine together.

I also think it's neat that the door either (a) wasn't always a swinging door, or (b) was a stock door that someone made into a swinger by filling the mortise (very nicely, I must say). Option b would be more consistent with a kit house, I think. Cool either way, though.


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sarah said...

Vielen dank, Anonymous.

Viagra guy - you've forced me to add word verification to the comments. Thanks for making commenting more annoying for everyone else.


What a nice touch. I love the door.

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