Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tore it up

Finally got a day with:
  • No work
  • Puppy at daycare
  • Both of us home
  • Nowhere to be!
So we worked on electrical in the basement - part 1 of the second installment of basement finishing. We actually got just about all of the new wires pulled (= all of the frightening old wiring out!) and just have a couple of last bits to do before flipping the breakers and moving on to other things like insulating!

However, all it looks like is that we ripped the hell out of the place! Especially in the stairway/hall, which involved all closed in old plaster walls, so everything was fishing wire and demolition. Looks worse than when we started, but it will be awesome to have a light in the stairs (it has been treacherous!) and outdoor lights to de-creep the driveway.

More soon - yahoo for vacation time!

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