Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, hello there!

We've had a hiatus. Not without small jobs getting done - trimming hedges, putting up vent covers, finishing details in the basement (including calling in an expert - the third and hopefully final time we will call for help - to root out the drain in the basement because the new toilet wasn't flushing).

For the past month, we've been totally unable to focus on anything but this guy...

We got a new puppy (7 months, a rescue) named Frankie, and puppies take a lot more time than we remember (it's been a while). He is settling in fantastically and is a great little dog. Today he got pretty worn out with lots of walks and a fundraiser/dog party for the future dog park, so during his nap, we did a few things.

The most awesome thing was installing this new old can opener. We have one of these in the camper - it's a Dazey Senior. After camping with it all summer and then coming in the house to an absolutely horrible new handheld thing that SUCKS, I found another Dazey on ebay and installed it. Super sweet!

Next month - during puppy naps - we will be back in business working on the basement. We have some time over vacation and are looking forward to getting dirty again!

p.s. - the new blogger is taking some getting used to! Nice changes but my photos aren't showing up as cleanly as I'd like. Begging your pardon until I learn...


Jodi said...

Adorable pup!
FYI - Windows Live Writer is free and ridiculously easy to use. Saves the headaches Blogger likes to give. Often. Publishes directly to Blogger for you at the click of a button. :-)

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