Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Psycho Killer.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?
Why, it's tape.

Flashback: there was a house next door to our old apartment, where they never opened the shades or doors, and we never saw the people. For, like, 7 years. (Though they once stole our recycling bin). Our old roommate used to say they were "making skin quilts in there". So we called them the Skin Quilt People.

Fast forward: last year we drove past this lonely door on the side of the road, kind of near the new neighborhood. I've always had a thing for these old, classic storm-door style things, so we grabbed it. Turns out, it will be perfect down cellar where we need as many windows and mirrors as possible to move light around.

But first - the tape. What kind of crazy, Skin Quilt person did this? In case you can't see, there is masking tape on both sides of every single window pane in this door. What's more, the tape on one side is oriented horizontally, whereas on the other side it's vertical. And perfect. Someone spent some time on this thing - perfectly overlapping each piece of tape.

I can think of only three explanations (feel free to add!):
  1. Paranoid.
  2. Drug dealer.
  3. Skin quilt-making psycho killer.
We don't really have hurricanes around here, so that's not a possibility. There's over $20 of masking tape on this damn thing. Seriously - never heard of a CURTAIN? Or SPRAY PAINT?

But then again, I must be nuts too because I peeled it all off. (Hint: hot water, dish soap, razor scraper. That's all it takes).

It's a freaking awesome door, though. I'm currently stripping the crappy paint off and we'll do it up nicely as a bathroom door for the cellar. Thanks, Psycho Killer.