Thursday, January 31, 2008

Five signs I'm done paint stripping for the day

Today I'm taking a vacation day. Among other things I needed to catch up on, I was happy to have a chunk of time to work on some paint stripping. What else?
Well, it's the end of the day, and as things drew to a close, I realized that there are clear signals when I need to be getting done. so here they are:

#5 - Everything is covered with sticky, brownish-gray goop. Tools, supplies, me, everything. My socks are sticking to the floor. Green scrubbies are stuck to my butt. It's not a pretty sight. Look away!

#4 - I don't have any splinters & there's nothing in my eyes. Quit while I'm ahead. (I'm sure Murphy's Law will make me fall on the ice, blow dirt in my eye, and cut myself on some mundane thing like a can lid later tonight for pointing that out).

#3 - I'm hungry. For chocolate. And I have that damn "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" song stuck in my head. And now I want ice cream. And we have none. Why is that my hungry song? I take that back - at least it's not the "Baby back ribs" song from Chili's -- that one conjures up all those gross Austin Powers images. Ribs though, huh? mmmm....

#2 - It's beer:30.

#1 - The hallway trim is starting to look good:

Signing off...


Sandy and Michael said...

The trim is looking good! Enjoy your beer reward for the hard work :)


Sandy said...

The trim looks great. Hope Murphy's law doesn't catch up with you and you enjoy your beer!

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