Saturday, January 26, 2008

A job for Peel-Away

Paint stripping is going OK overall. Here's this weekend's installment - pretty much all of the major trim in the hallway has been hit with the heat gun:

And, I spent the morning 'touching up' the previously stripped wood trim along the stair stringers. That is to say, I spent the better part of the day scrubbing paint off 2 pieces of wood. They look good, though:

A couple of uh-ohs so far.

1. The animal room door trim appears to have been stained a touch lighter/redder than the rest of the trim, supporting Ken's claim all along that that room's footprint was somehow altered. Perhaps it was attached to the master bedroom, like a nursery? We don't know, and the floors and ceilings aren't making it obvious. Though the door might have been moved, I think the overall floorplan upstairs was probably similar to what it is now - we found a very similar upstairs plan in an old bungalow plan book.

2. Inside the guest room (and we're betting inside all the bedrooms), the trim was never painted. We suspected as much; often upstairs rooms in bungalows had painted trim. We're stripping it anyways, though, because I can't wait to see those giant built-in drawers sing! The trim so far pretty much appears to be the same gorgeous fir used elsewhere. But, since it was never stained or laquered, it's MUCH harder to strip - the paint, of course, sticks to the wood much better. Not a good job for the heat gun, so I think some peel-away is in order. But we can wait on that till after the hallway gets done - just something to plan for! The silver lining is that we can stain the upstairs trim a lighter-color oak, which could be really cool.

OK, back to stripping...


Fred said...

You guys are putting in a lot of elbow grease. The end product is certainly going to be awesome. I've not used a heat gun much, but judging from the "patchy" looking results, you must have to do small areas at a time. Sounds like a lot of work!!

One Project Closer

Margaret said...

Your bungalow is lovely! I'm terribly jealous (though not of the paint stripping! I've been through that many times and it's definitely not the most fun work, though it's pretty satisfying). Keep up the good work!

trudy said...

I love your house, sigh.

I only ran across your blog recently, so I'm going to go back and start reading from the beginning.

But I (alas) used to have a one story 1920s bungalow in California, and yes, the bedrooms' and bathroom's trim had only been painted, the living/dining room trim was stained(?). The kitchen, hard to tell, since the kitchen had been massacred sometime in the 1930s-1950s.

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