Tuesday, January 1, 2008

X-mas treasures

The house really made out this holiday season! In addition to Home Depot gift cards (thank you!), 3 bricks from 3 separate people (how fab are our friends & family; see updated brick counter below), loads of yummy food, and a FANTASTIC set of new power tools, the kitchen got a perfect set of vintage gifts. A colormatched green mixing bowl circa the 1940s and 2 great green cookie cutters, PLUS the ultimate apron in colors that are very complementary to the kitchen color scheme.

What makes it the ultimate apron? Well, we'll tell you. It has 2 oven mitts attached - yes, freakin' ATTACHED as part of the apron skirt. Holy hilarity, Batman.

We couldn't resist using it to make our family's New Year's delicacy (which is pretty vintage too) - mini-slices of pumpernickel topped with Cheez Whiz (in the jar, not the aerosol kind!) mixed with a smidge of mayo, topped with thin slices of onion and then broiled a few minutes. Yes, it sounds corny, but they really are quite tasty, and a New Year's tradition!

Happy New Year!

It's getting cold up here - you can tell when this happens...


Sandy said...

Cool apron! The New Year's treat sounds yummy! I love the picture of the dog and cat all cozy under the blanket. Happy New Year, Sarah and family!

Jennifer said...

What a cute puppy and kitten! Those new bowls sound awesome.