Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Deck the walls

It's a rainy week, so we'll be posting a bit about indoor projects. Last summer, we worked indoors on the kitchen all summer - though it was worth it - and I recall being grumpy that everyone else was blogging about their yard projects. So this one's for the folks who are working inside this summer, and are cursing us for posting about the garden all the time!

Courtesy of this fab blog, we found the web site of the Ranger of the Lost Art - the former Park ranger who has discovered and re-printed all of the vintage National Park Service posters. We have several of these from various parks across the US (I'm a National Park junkie), and always wondered if there were more. Here are the two in the half bath (I don't have a pic of the 3 in the dining room, sadly):

They go really well with the Bungalow/Arts and Crafts color palette. Schweitzer's site alse references his book, which uses colors from the Sherwin-Williams palette - so it's easy to find the colors & recreate the scheme. (The S-W palette includes my Rembrandt Ruby color - I LOVE this one. There are both interior & exterior colors.) Because we're talking about color, here's another great site.

The blog also listed this site with new vintage-style posters and other products, a lot from Colorado and the west. I love the custom wedding invitations! These posters and paintings just make me smile, and the website is pretty awesome too.

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