Saturday, June 14, 2008

Got 'em!

We got about 270 more bricks today, all packed very well in the cars, so we're officially done with the brick-getting. Woo hoo! We're ready for the excavator (that should be a fun day), then we'll lay the bricks and have a patio. After sitting on crooked chairs and wet old pine needles all day, it can't happen soon enough. Though the thought of more rocks to move is not sitting well with our lazy Saturday selves. Soon.

Though I can't find an online pic of a patio in the style we'll use, here's a Greene & Greene style set of porch columns that is quite similar. Either it will be very easy & natural to set, or will be really difficult. We'll see how it goes. Probably depends how zen you are at the moment.


Karen Anne said...

Wow, really interesting looking.

Sarah said...

We are about to move to Bangor from Florida, and I'd love to ask you some questions about neighborhoods. I'll be in the area for the first time next week, and I have a list of homes I want to see. Would love to pick your brains about the location of these homes since I've never even been to Bangor! (Our move is compliments of Uncle Sam, but we are really looking forward to it!) My email is sarahrsmiley @ gmail