Friday, June 20, 2008


It's a rainy day (and it was supposed to be a rainy weekend, joke's on us 'cause it's been nice out), so we planned all this indoor stuff, and re-started on the mudroom. It's going quite well (pix later, I'm pooped!). We stripped the exterior door today, and it's really gorgeous old fir that was waiting to be liberated from its shell of old paint. Have to finish it up tomorrow so we can put it back in (!).

Anyways, our peony finally bloomed, after we've moved it around, thought it was dead, then had a bud that didn't open last year. Here's the one flower we got, which we've enjoyed all week:

It's pink because we didn't know at the time we'd be going with a green and white garden, but peonies need to be colorful, no? I forgot they typically have ants. That was a nice surprise all over my arms when I brought it in.

After the real rainy spell (it did rain tonight) ends, we'll be back to regrouping and getting on with the yard work.


Derek said...

The Peony tend to explode after a couple days inside too. My son decided to play with the ones we had on the kitchen table. I could hardly pick them up to throw them away, without them falling apart everywhere.

Jennifer said...

Pretty! I love peonies... we had three huge bushes along our driveway when I was growing up. The ant thing always fascinated me.

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