Thursday, July 31, 2008

And there was light.

We had another epiphany while we were in Colorado - that the light fixture I've been collecting parts for & planning to restore is too formal for the kitchen. We'll use it elsewhere, don't worry.
So we looked for a fixture that would:
  • Suit the kitchen
  • Be period-appropriate
  • Go with the shades we already bought and the 2 pendant fixtures I'm restoring for over the sink/counter
  • Be brass and not all shiny and new!
  • Of course, be impossibly inexpensive.
We found it - or a similar one to the one we imagined - on Ebay. There's a light shop that apparently builds new fixtures. The one on their site was a wall light, but the right shape. Also we didn't need the shades, and it was a bit too expensive for us.

So we wrote them an email and asked about other ones, and shadeless ones - and they had just gotten in a vintage light, with newer wiring - exactly like we wanted. If we took it as is (no further restoration), it was going to be cheap! Sold. Which was a little dicey, because they didn't have a photo and I had to go with a verbal description. I think my email said, "OK, we'll take the gamble". Luck was a light fixture that day.

Yesterday Ken got up on the kitchen table and installed it, and it's AWESOME.
So there was light.

Sidebar: It's great to take a picture of a ceiling light, because you don't have to clean the rest of the kitchen!

Now, when is that day of rest thing happening?
Oh wait, that's every day for Henry. He's got the day of rest covered.


Anonymous said...

Love the light looks good :)

Karen Anne said...

I love Henry.

Anonymous said...

Light looks great. If you're looking for post topics, I'd love to read about wiring in new lights! We have a house full of ornate Victorian fixtures that are so out of place it makes my face hurt.

Sandy said...

The new light looks great! Loved the picture of Henry... isn't he yawning? LOL