Friday, July 25, 2008

Want to have a stressful morning?

...have a whole bunch of coffee, then hammer little strips of wood up against a glass window. Yikes!

Pardon the picture - shaky hands!

It's raining again (what the hell!?!), and tomorrow is the scheduled day-of-reckoning when we will have a little bulldozer and dig for the patio, so today is odd jobs day.

First order of business was putting the little strips of wood back on the exterior door in the mudroom, to retain the glass more elegantly than the little glazier's points alone. When I pulled those babies out, that was stressful too - I swear it took an hour and two broke. One was definitely my fault (a little too much tension), but one was pretty damaged to begin with. I saved two of them.

Then I took one of the busted ones over to Owen Grey, our local cabinetmaker and wood shop extraordinaire (who quite certainly now refer to me as 'that crazy lady with all the fir trim'), bringing all the scraps of fir from the wood stockpile, and asked them to make me a bunch of the stuff. Ken brilliantly pointed out that we have one more door like this to do, and some more strips mught get broken, so we might as well get a bunch of moulding made.

They did it, no fuss, no muss, and a perfect job. I love those guys! And their cute pointer-dogs, too.

If it ever stops raining, I can varnish the door! And yes, that's nail polish. I cut off most of my Colorado manicure, and I'm betting I can chip the rest of that fancy stuff off by the end of the weekend. If not, I'll take it off properly. Sorry Mom - I know it looks AWFUL! It's not black, FYI - it's midnight purple.


Susie said...

Hey, Sarah - where is this Owen Grey place? We were wondering how we could get some of the crown molding we found in the kitchen replicated (it didn't go all the way around the room). Thanks for any leads!

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