Saturday, July 26, 2008


First, we have to tell you that we happened to catch Superman, the original movie (can you believe it was made in 1978?!?) the other day on TV. It was on one of the 5 channels we get on our cheapo cable, the Ion channel. Sometimes their little logo says "Television". Real creative name, eh? I don't know what this channel is - maybe it's Canadian or something (we get Canadian TV since we're so close by). Mostly they seem to play Quantum Leap reruns. Ha! But Superman was worth a watch. As the move played, we suddenly realized that Superman's adopted mom, Mrs. Kent*, had a totally Arts & Crafts interior in their farmhouse out in Kansas or wherever they lived. It was awesome - nice colonnade between rooms and all unpainted wood trim! What a couple of bungalow nerds we've become.

* The actress that played her was born in Portland Maine!


Landscaping day - it's finally time to get on that patio job! We rented a backhoe-front loader dealie and Ken was Superman and dug all day - until we blew a hose on it & had to end a couple hours early. The back patio hole was so close to being dug!

Turned out, it was Super-karma anyways, because the guy who was going to bring our gravel bailed on us. After all summer telling me, "Just call the day you need it & I'll bring it by", now he says he can't do it till Wednesday! Another gravel company can do it Monday morning, so they win. So the good thing is, we will probably get to keep the backhoe an extra day since we're paying for a day it's sitting BROKEN. Silly thing.

Anyways, Superman did an awesome job...
Before -


And what was Wonder Woman doing the whole time? Weeding and digging up all the little garden stones we buried during Operation: Dirt & Poo. The back garden is looking tidy now for sure.

Stay tuned for Monday's update on the fate of the backhoe...


Karen Anne said...

The back garden photo looks great. So rewarding for all that work.

I saw a magazine article on the Obamas a year or two ago, and they have an arts and crafts interior in their house. I was consumed with envy :-)

Anonymous said...

What a relief to not dig that by hand!