Friday, February 27, 2009

Another jumble

OK race fans - I have just one more work project to finish this weekend, then Ken & I have 2 weeks off work to relax, do fun stuff, and of course work on the house. We've elected to do the study next. The study is right off the dining room and is pretty bad. It has paper tile ceiling and 1970s paneled walls. All the woodwork is painted - which is not acceptable.

And, last but not least, it's a complete pigsty. Every time we do a room, all the stuff that doesn't go back in ends up shifted to an un-done room. Well, we're almost done with all the rooms, so a LOT of crap has ended up in here for lack of a better place. So, this will require some serious sorting and de-crapping. Can you feel the excitement?!

The good news is, we have 2 cute mission-style desks and a great (non-antique but handmade) oak bookshelf. So the room will be nice when it's done.

The bad news is, this is also the room where the catbox is stashed away, and the cat food is also kept, so Mr. Eddy doesn't gorge himself on it. (He did so last year, ate about 3 pounds of it and his tummy was like a giant water balloon for 3 days. And he kept passing gas. It was funny and stinky, and nobody got hurt, but we don't want a repeat performance). So, we have to figure out where to put all that so the cats can get to it but not Ed.
Drum roll - here's the horrible view:

For some reason, behind the silver (ick) radiator is where we've decided to keep our small vintage hatchet collection. We both ended up with one or more of Grandpa or Dad's hatchets, plus we have the regular one I got for camping a long time ago, so we have all these hatchets. How do people accumulate such weird stuff? And who keeps a bunch of hatchets in their study? I guess if the computer acts up too much, I could do an Office Space-printer destruction scene on it.

The two big dark papers taped to the wall toward the right of the desk are a painting of my soul and a negative of that painting done by a woman at the street art fair last summer. Yes, my soul is apparently very black. In case anyone had any doubt. Insert Rolling Stones tune...
Stay tuned & see how far we get over the next 2 weeks.


Jennifer said...

Oooo... my dog ate a couple pounds of HIS food a few weeks ago. He was up ALL night vomitting the most vile smelling puke ever! Oh, and then he WHINED until we cleaned it up because it smelled so bad. Every 20 minutes. You got out lucky with farts. :) We have been MUCH more diligent about putting the lid back on the storage trashcan now.

Karen Anne said...

What are you going to do about the paneling? I haven't had the guts to do anything about mine yet.

I keep thinking, what will it look like if I try to paint over it? And the other hand, do I get someone to drywall over it? Is that possible? What about the door and window frames? What's underneath if I tear the paneling off? (Probably nothing, since the house was badly built in the 1980s.)

sarah said...

Paneling comes off. No two ways about it. We pulled a small piece off last year (checking for a leak) and there's plaster underneath - we'll see how bad it is once we get into it. Luckily, in our case the paneling was cut around all the door/window frames so it should just pull right off. I don't know what to do in your case - anyone else have ideas?

us said...

The soul painting is absolutely hilarious.
ps: at my house I pulled off the paneling to find.... more paneling - and then four layers of wallpaper, and then some lovely pepto inspired paint. It's like an archaeological dig in hell.
pps: love love love the blog

Susie said...

Hatchet collection? Perhaps I should be more wary of you two... Can't wait to see it done!