Monday, February 16, 2009

Jungle, begone!

Even though we've been slow to post, we've gotten a significant amount of work done on the room formerly known as the Animal Room. In fact, last weekend we were probably about 98% done. Then all sorts of insan-o craziness happened during the week - but by about Saturday we were re-energized to finish that last 2%.

So - we put the windows back together, hung paintings, hauled up the furniture,

put the door back on, and installed the curtain rods and curtains I made on the cheap. The curtains are just a couple of yards of linen on sale from the fabric store, quick hems on the sides (the selvage had an awesome green thread double stripe and fring-y edge, so we left it), stencils, and brass rings on top).

This tiny little oil painting (unsigned) makes the room for me. I found it tucked in a corner of the antique shop, got it for $10, and didn't even think of putting it in this room at the time - but suddenly it seemed perfect.

We still have to clean up the cool desk (I picked it up on a trip in southern Maine, I need to do more research about it - it's got some neat English Arts & Crafts details).

And we have to properly clean the door, though it was mercifully unpainted, for a change. Also, spring will be the season of window sash repair and stripping. Ugh. Glad the groundhog saw his shadow, for once.

Interestingly, though these photos look sort of gauzy or hazy, that's what it actually feels like in the room - there's a great fuzzy light in there. The paint color is a bit richer than it looks, but the light quality - priceless. Oh, and the lack of orange plaid and animals - that's worth a million bucks (though this room cost about $125, excluding furniture).

It's so great to have one less eyesore - but we'll miss watching visitors' reactions to the Infamous Animal Room. Oh well, there's still the tacky paneling in the study to pick on...but not for long.


Karen Anne said...

Amazing. And amazing desk. I have room envy.

Kristen said...

Fantastic! What a cozy, simple space. I can't remember - did you save any remnants of the animal wallpaper?

sarah said...

Of course we saved a piece of the animals, and a piece of the plaid! they're sitting in the "to file" pile. We have a file folder with all sorts of random house finds (old tag from an early fridge, etc.)

Jennifer said...

It's missing something.... maybe a leopard print rug or a tiger stripped pillow?

Admin said...

Making curtains is something I've always wanted to learn.

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