Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dead man paneling

So, we've been doing the whole Dr. Destructo thing on my study. So far, so good. All the paper ceiling tiles and paneling are off, and most of the wallpaper too.

When we took off the paneling, Ken made this interesting discovery, penciled on top of the painted-over wallpaper under the paneling:

It says:
"This room paneled
July 25, 1966
Harry Weston
(now deceased)"

Our reactions:

1. Cool! New info about when things were done to the house.

2. Kind of morbid - someone felt the need to note that the paneling guy died.

3. Wait a minute - what?!? If Harry, "now deceased" paneled the room, how did he sign the wall?

Our best guess - supported by the thought that there is different handwriting that says "now deceased" is that Harry paneled the room, apparently died when he was mostly done, and someone else wrote "now deceased" as they finished up the loose ends like installing the small piece of paneling above the window.

Or else it was like that scene in the Holy Grail, the Castle of Aaaarghhh....


Anonymous said...

Or it's a morbid joke based on how long they expected it to be before that paneling came off...

Karen Anne said...

Yes, I'm thinking Harry passed away, someone was sad and added that note.

us said...

I think it was his version of burying a time capsule.
But so funny/morbid.

Susie said...

Hilarious! You two crack me up. Seriously. No, really.