Friday, April 3, 2009

Huge progress

...not! We haven't done much this week, since we've been on self-imposed hiatus. The study's not quite done, but it's done enough to take a break! We're still doing little things though - when we feel like it.

This week, our giant accomplishment was that Ken drilled a hole in the middle of this old, blank coverplate so we could put it over the cable hookup in the study. We don't have a TV or cable back there, but maybe it's a selling point to have an extra hookup? Who knows. Assuming it still works - I got a lot of Peel-Away in the little connector part! Paint stripper never hurt anything, did it?

Anyways, they didn't have cable back in the 1930s or whenever the antique brass coverplates that came with the house were made - but luckily there was a blank behind a radiator that we don't need anymore.

This weekend we'll finish up the last touch-up on the ceiling, because Wallpaper Guy is coming on Monday!


Karen Anne said...

I'm hoping for some wallpapering in progress photos.

Jennifer said...

It's the little details that really make a house shine... like a matching cover! Good work.

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