Sunday, April 5, 2009


That's ONIONS, backwards. There used to be a little farm stand just off the highway when I would drive to my hometown, and for some reason, the ONIONS sign was backwards when you drove toward town; it read right when you drove out of town. It took me a little while to figure it out, but it was actually backwards and upside down - they had flipped the sign over the wrong way when painting side 2.

So, every time I think of onions, SNOINO pops into my head. Weird how things stick in the ol' brain, eh?

Yesterday, it was raining a bit, but damned if we weren't going to get the bunching snoino - I mean - onions in the garden. So Eddy & I raked the leaves out and turned over one end of the garden. We'll get to the rest of it later. It was excellent to work outdoors in the yard, even in the rain. We're waiting for all the shrubs we put in to leaf out - though they look like they're all in bud, so I guess they made it through winter.

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Jennifer said...

Mmm... onions! I love onions.