Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Maine Craig's List: ahead of its time

These little projects always get a bit behind schedule. Things like rewiring the entire house, repainting the exterior, and putting in a half bath made the full bath project upstairs a bit - well, poky! We had planned to spend a good portion of June working on the kitchen, with the bathroom behind us. Instead, we're proud to report that the bathroom is officially (that's about 96.5%) DONE! All that's left is literally touch up, a couple of hours work, and waiting for our special (splurge: $40!) pebble glass to come in & be installed. Yes, we're letting someone else relgaze 2 windows. Of course, we stripped, prepped, and un-glazed them first!

Anyways, bathroom is done and now we're on to the kitchen. Demolition is scheduled for this weekend, and we're taking the week mostly off (just touch up and sorting out the gigantic tangle of tools that we ended up with).

So far, all we've done is remove the cabinet doors, and start packing the kitchen. Just as a refresher, the cabinets are 1950s metal, they used to be white. The old owner (who we met today when he came by on a trip to the area) tells us he had them spray painted brown and 'modernized' - meaning he had someone re-face them with oak panel-looking doors. Hell, it was the 90s. Not our style, nor bungalow style.
Note that we named this photo, from the day we moved in, "kitchen_oy". Described it all, we thoughy. Also note: yellow fridge: GONE! Also in Uncle Henry's. Yes someone gave us money to take it off our hands.

The excellent news is that the cabinet doors sold in 3 days in Uncle Henry's (http://www.unclehenrys.com/). Now, Uncle Henry's has been around for more than 30 years, which definitely pre-dates Al Gore's invention of the internet. Thus, Uncle Henry's was waaaay ahead of its time and could be thought of as the precursor to Craig's list (despite the common belief that Maine is somehow behind the times. So what if someone still is spotted wearing acid washed jeans or with power bangs? They're just ahead of the next trend, right? After all, leg warmers came back).

So now we've got some cash to buy some of the last few materials for the kitchen, and to pay for garbage hauling. Now back to cleaning the cabinets, which are now permanently open!


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