Monday, May 3, 2010

Go Bangor!

Still cleaning gardens and mulching. Still waiting for my camera back.

But - I was pleased to find that our little metropolis of Bangor was just listed in the Top 100 places to Live by

They didn't include "has awesome bungalows" as one of the criteria, but we do! Of about 5,000 single-unit detached homes, some 285 or more are bungalows. And a whole bunch more are foursquares - so ubiquitous they call them Bangor Boxes. So - we've got character!

And a giant 1950s fiberglass statue of Paul Bunyan. Wow.


Joe J. Ernst said...

I guess Mr. Bunyan was all the rage in the '50s. Portland has its very own statue too! Not to mention lots of great bungalows and "Old PDX's" (our version of a four-square)

Beth & Dave said...

Growing up, I thought Paul Bunyan was a hero of my state (Michigan). Here's the statue (with Babe, his Trusty Blue Ox) that we'd harass our dad to stop and visit every year on the way up to the cabin. Now that I look at it as an adult, it kinda looks like his sittin' on the john!

goosefairy said...

i'm sold. how do i sell my husband? everytime i mention maine he says "too cold!" i tell him that's what sweaters are for!

Suz said...

We live in a bungalow very similar to yours here on the Island. We are going to enclose our porch to increase our living space.It's nice to see an resurgence in the love for the bungalows. There are very few here. Enjoy your blog! Susan :)