Friday, September 16, 2011

And we're done.

Well, almost. Well, with the bedroom, anyways.

August was a blur - we were in Canada, then crazy catching-up-at-work-stuff, then my parents' 50th anniversary party which was a big fiesta and required a good bit of planning/coordination/travel time, then we just had a totally cool vintage trailer rally at Acadia.

In between, we've been squeezing in that big ol' punch list, and the bedroom is 99% done which means we call it done! This weekend I will install the door to the back room, thus making the bedroom not have any sort of view of the creepy back room.

We will also install the shower glass wall (managed to order and received the retaining channel from Wilson Glass in the midst of the chaos). And then the toilet, Ken says we'll do that this weekend too, and then the bathroom is like 95% done! At least it will be 100% functional!


Corner by the bathroom door. A nice resting spot.

CableTV attachments on the bureau - one of the last punch list items.

Bed was in the upstairs guestroom but is so much better here! Haven't yet put the new quilt on - we're still too messy.

Sneak preview below: some bathroom elements are done, like the sink!

And a silly pic - as I was installing a closet bar, I noticed how the bar end support looks like a goofy little guy. Which reminded me of the movie "My Own Private Idaho" (which was great) - "it looks like a f***ed up face". Love(d) River Phoenix.

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