Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turning the last corner?

It's been a while since we posted, but we are still working! Chipping away at the basement. Besides the unglamorous task of finding old barn boards and finishing boxing in the soffits with them, we began the last decent-sized construction project on the house this week. The last corner of Room #16 (if you count hallways as rooms, which we do). Wow, it has been a long road.

Coincidentally, we happen to be working on TWO cellars this week - part of the reason we have been so slow on the Bungalow is that we bought another 'bungalow' of sorts - a log cabin. (Check it out here). Having hired help on that cellar - and needing to be out of the way! - gave us time to work on the Bungalow cellar.

So, we took down the stapled-up fabric that was hiding the last un-finished nook in the basement living room/kitchen, including a radiator that needs covering. And we put up this, a start at framing and boxing out the area.

Our goal was to use all leftovers from our "trim farm" to finish it out. So far, so good! We need to prime & paint the trim tomorrow, but I think it will look good! The only things we had to buy were some framing nails and a sheet of decorative metal grille (that stuff is pricey, though!). We used up the absolute last pieces of bamboo click flooring on the little bit of a wall. The seat will be made from some of the barn board we've been collecting (maybe this weekend we can finish?).


Homes in Tuscany said...

Indeed! The last corner is looking very ordinary.

Villas in Tuscany said...

These images which you shared I think I have seen somewhere.

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