Monday, November 26, 2007

Mission (somewhat) accomplished

The plan was to get the kitchen tile backsplash in this weekend. Well, the windows still needed a bit of glazing, so they're not entirely in, so we weren't ready to affix the windowsill, so we had to wait to tile all the way around.

NEVETHELESS, we got way ahead on many other jobs.

  • Microwave cabinet casing is in, most of the trim is up, and it looks awesome!

  • Bought and cut chair rail for top of wainscoting (painting & installing: next weekend?)

  • Wine rack area installed, 2 tiny trim pieces to go, but it's successfully holding the leftover thanksgiving wine right now. (Yes, there was leftover wine).

  • Backsplash is indeed tiled behind the stove! Successful test of the tile fit & installation. Phew!

Please excuse the crooked picture. As you can see, it was early & the coffee was still being made. No straight pictures till 10 am.

So the kitchen will absolutely be done by X-Mas. Wahoo!


Jennifer said...

Very cool! I love the color of your cabinets!

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