Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who's lazy and who's NOT lazy

This is Henry. This is what Henry does about 90% of the time. Oh, sorry, in winter this is what he does. Normally he hugs the radiator, but it wasn't quite cold enough yet, so he had to dangle his feet off to regulate his temperature. Nice. In summer, he stares at us from his chosen chair on the porch, as if to say, what are you people still doing here? This is my porch! Amazingly, he's not particularly overweight or unhealthy. Everyone caters to his every need. He is unfazed by anything, including the visiting dog who was at this very moment trying to stare him down from just off-camera. Henry is lazy. Perhaps he's the definition of lazy.

Despite the lack of blogging over the past week AND the fact that everytime anyone asks how the kitchen is going, we say, "Going well. Putting up trim & finish work", we are NOT lazy. Our window glazing party is tonight and we've got all but 4 little strips of beadboard in. All of the trim is up and after touchups on that and finishing the windows, all we really have left is building the microwave cabinet, sanding and refinishing thresholds, putting on the chair rail, and tiling the backsplash, for which I've been reserving Thanksgiving vacation days. Wow, we're really almost done. I know you're all relieved, and probably as sick as we are of talking kitchen.


Joe J. Ernst said...

I feel your pain. I've been telling people I'm "almost done with the kitchen" for 3 months now. I have set a goal of the end of the year to be truly DONE!

Sandy said...

I am glad you are almost done with your kitchen because it is one more thing off of your "to do" list. I absolutely LOVED the picture of Henry. He has the right idea for the cold weather in my book! LOL