Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things not on our X-Mas list

I finally spent a second catching up on a couple of blogs, and found this great post on one of my favorite blogs: 15 Stocking Stuffers for DIY'ers.

Wow, we ARE house freaks, because: a) we already have ALL if the things on the list (except the nail nippers, which look AWESOME, FYI, and the sticky zippers, because we've been lucky to have doors where we need to shut things off), and b) I immediately recognized the utility of the headlamps - we've used them many times this way. No explanation needed.

Sadly, for our families, our holiday lists are full of incredibly specific items like: a 3/8 x 3/8 mortising bit to build rail & stile panels for the mud room seat; an assortment of antique-looking brass slotted screws, oval head and flat head (can never have enough); about 20 feet of a particular gauge of new, vintage style lighting wire from Sundial Wire....

Aw, heck, just get Lee Valley or Home Depot gift cards. Who wants to go searching for that crazy crap?

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