Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sugar buzz

We've finally figured out the correct candy amount for our neighborhood: 300 pieces. Enough for the trick or treaters plus some for us & the friends who come over to have pizza & frosty beverages on the porch and help us make fun of the kids. And people getting busted by the cops for speeding.

Sugar buzz...wearing off. This calls for more coffee.

Oh, p.s., to the grouchy parent who said "They don't have railings", yes, we KNOW. We're building them next summer. We were a bit busy last year putting in 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. If you want to help, bring it on, b----. And if your kids don't know to stay inside the aisle of flaming pumpkins, well, you've got some parenting to do.

p.p.s. - Free candy = no complaints allowed.


Sandy said...

The house looks so lovely. Don't worry about what others think. You are doing a splendid job!

sarah said...

Thanks Sandy. Do you have a blog? It's fun to see who's reading us!